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Waterproof Protection in Seconds

Removable Seat Protector




Great After Work, Exercise or Play

Save-A-Seat is the most practical form of short term upholstery protection available. You will not find a seat protector that is easier to install, remove and store than Save-A-Seat. Save-A-Seat's patented design provides superior short term protection during times when your interior is exposed to higher levels of dirt, moisture or sweat. Save-A-Seat is a great choice after work, exercise, or play when your car seats are most vulnerable.  Save-A-Seat's fabric is waterproof and impregnated with an antibacterial agent to help minimize odors. The fabric can be easily cleaned or replaced after extreme messes.  Now you can enjoy your original upholstery and protect it when you need to.

Your vehicle is your 2nd most expensive household investment.

Protect it when you need to most,with Save-A-Seat seat protectors.


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