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What is Save-A-Seat™?
How does Save-A-Seat™ Work?
How is Save-A-Seat™ different?
Who Uses Save-A-Seat?
What is unique about Save-A-Seat's fabric?
Why is Save-A-Seat™ better than a towel?
Can I clean the Save-A-Seat™ fabric?
Can I retract the fabric when it is wet?
How does Save-A-Seat protect against odors?
Where should I store Save-A-Seat™?



Q.   What is Save-A-Seat™?

A.    Save-A-Seat™ is a removable seat cover developed to provide automotive upholstery protection on an as needed basis.  Save-A-Seat utilizes a specially designed fabric barrier to offer short term upholstery protection for a car's front or bucket seat.  Save-A-Seat™ is intended to provide protection during times when a vehicle's interior is exposed to higher levels of dirt, sweat or other contaminants.  








Q.    How does Save-A-Seat™ Work?

A.    Save-A-Seat™ uses a spring roller mechanism to compactly maintain a highly durable protective fabric discretely concealed within a slim dispenser. Save-A-Seat's™ dispenser is less than 2 inches high, allowing it to fit under the seat of most vehicles. Save-A-Seat™ is so discrete, you and your friends won't notice it’s in the vehicle.

When upholstery protection is needed, simply anchor the Save-A-Seat™ protective fabric around the top of the seat or head rest using the fabric anchor bar. The uniquely designed anchor bar allows Save-A-Seat™ to fit most vehicles. The fabric can now be extended over the seats surface until it reaches the floor where it will lay comfortably during use.

When protection is no longer needed, simply guide the fabric back into the dispenser, remove the fabric anchor bar from the top of the seat or headrest and store until future use. Its that easy!!!







Q.     How is Save-A-Seat™ different?

Save-A-Seat™ is not a permanent seat cover. Unlike traditional seat covers, Save-A-Seat is intended to allow the vehicle owner to enjoy the natural beauty of their original upholstery by offering short-term protection on an as needed basis. Save-A-Seat's™ unique spring roller mechanism allows you to install and remove the seat cover in seconds, without tools or complicated instructions. Save-A-Seat™ also uses an anti-bacterial agent in its fabric to offer extra protection against odors, not available in most seat covers. Save-A-Seat™ preserves the value of your vehicle by preventing stains and odors before they occur and providing "Protection When You Need It!!!"







Q.    Why is Save-A-Seat™ better than a towel?

A.    A towel's main function is to absorb, not repel, moisture.  So when a towel is placed between a person and the seat you will notice that the towel will absorb much of the liquid on its surface and possibly transfer it to the seat on the other side.  Unlike a towel, Save-A-Seat™ has a waterproof backing to minimize the chances of liquid reaching the upholstery.  A towel is also difficult to hold in place and will tend to slide down the back of the seat.  Lastly, a towel is not conveniently storable in a car and may not be available when you need it.







Q.    Can I clean the Save-A-Seat™ fabric?

A.    Yes.  Save-A-Seat™ has been designed so that the fabric cartridge can be removed for easy cleaning.  Usually dirt, sand or mud that may be left on the seat after usage is minor and can be wiped or shaken off of the fabric easily prior to retracting the fabric into the dispenser.  This should be done in a safe place where dirt can be disposed of.  A moist clean cloth is the best way to spot clean areas that may have really gotten dirty.  Just wipe off the affected area and allow the fabric to air dry before retracting. 







Q.    Can I retract the fabric when it is wet?

A.    It is best to retract the fabric when it is dry, however it can be retracted when slightly damp if it is clean.  The Save-A-Seat™ fabric has been manufactured with an anti-bacterial ingredient that helps deter the growth of mold and bacteria which can accumulate in sweat or moisture.  This minimizes the chance of odors developing on the fabric.  In the event that severe exposure to moisture causes a puddle to form on the surface, we recommend wiping the puddle or allowing it to evaporate before retracting the fabric.







Q.    How does Save-A-Seat protect against odors?

A.    Sweat is generally made up of over 99% water with the other 1% consisting of salt and other waste material.  The odor caused from sweat usually develops as a result of sweat coming into contact with bacteria on the surface of the skin.  Save-A-Seat's™ protective fabric has been intentionally designed with an antibacterial ingredient to minimize the chance of odor causing bacteria to grow. This level of protection is generally not found in traditional seat covers.  Over time, consistent exposure to bacteria found in sweat can accumulate on unprotected seats generating odors or stains.  Save-A-Seat™ minimizes the chances of this occurring on both the original upholstery and the Save-A-Seat fabric itself. 







Q.    Where should I store Save-A-Seat™?

A.    Save-A-Seat™ was designed to be compact and discrete.  Some people may only need to use Save-A-Seat™ occasionally so they may want to keep it safely stored in the trunk of a vehicle, available when needed.  Others may use Save-A-Seat™ more regularly and want to keep it stored underneath their seat.  It easily slides underneath the front seat from the rear and is available within arms length anytime you need it.







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